How to Solve Blank Body Emails Issues for Sent Items in Outlook Express?

Published: 08th March 2010
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Outlook Express folders, when corrupted,show abrupt symptoms while sending, receiving, or storing e-mails. The folders may either refuse to send/receive more e-mails or appear empty. Most common reasons of corruption in Outlook Express folders are unexpected power outage, virus attack, antivirus software scanning, and background compaction. Thus it is advised to always backup the OE folders, else you may require third party tools to Recover Outlook Express.

Consider, you use Outlook Express as your e-mail client. At times, you observe that when you send an e-mail message, the recipient receives the message properly, in the actual format, but the same message doesn't appear correctly in Sent Items folder of Outlook Express.

When you open a sent message in the Sent Items folder, it either appears as blank or displays the content of another email (most likely, the one that you have sent few days or months back). Users observe similar behavior repeatedly with each e-mail message in Sent Items folder.


Sent Items folder is corrupted.


Outlook Express stores the Sent Items folder as Sent Items.dbx on hard disk. To solve the problem, discussed above, you need to locate the file and rename or remove it. To do this:

1)Quit Outlook Express
2)Enable the view of hidden files and folders in folder options
3)Click 'Start' and then 'Search' or 'Find' (depending on the operating system)
4)Type 'Sent Items.dbx' in 'search for all files and folders' dialog box, and press enter
5)Right-click the 'Sent Items.dbx' file
6)Click 'Delete' to remove or 'Rename' to rename the file (type 'Sent Itemsold.dbx to rename)
7)Start Outlook Express to create a new,empty Sent Items folder

The above steps cannot recover e-mails from corrupted folder. This requires the user to either use the last available backup or run an Outlook Express Recovery utility. Designed to run safe scanning algorithms, these tools can Recover Outlook Express and repair corrupted Outlook Express files in an efficient manner way.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery is an advanced utility that incorporates powerful scanning algorithms to repair corrupted *.dbx files. Supporting Outlook Express 5.x and 6.x, this Outlook Express Recovery solution restores the e-mails in *.dbx and *.eml files. The software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

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