How to Troubleshoot 'Synchronization Failed' Error in Outlook?

Published: 20th October 2009
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Microsoft Outlook, when configured to use Microsoft Exchange Server Information Service, uses Offline folder (also called .ost file) to work offline. The .ost file needs to be synchronized with Exchange Server to convert into .pst file and hence allow you to access the data. The Synchronize command connects the .ost file to the server using dial-up networking and copy all the updated contents to the file. But at times, you fail to synchronize the folder and your data remains inaccessible as the file is not converted to PST. In such cases, you need to use powerful third-party tool that could Convert OST File to a usable PST file.

For an instance, consider that you start Outlook and try to synchronize your offline folder file with Exchange Server mailbox and it gives the below error message:

"Synchronization failed"

You cannot access your email messages and other items from the file.


Possible causes that can cause above error to occur are:

1-The offline folder has not been configured to synchronize
2-Inappropriate profile settings for Exchange Server
3-No network connection is available
4-Damaged offline folder


You need to follow the below measures to solve the given problem:

1-Check the 'Synchronization' tab under the 'Properties' option of the Inbox folder. The server and offline folders' items should match with each other.
2-You should check your profile settings to ensure that Microsoft Exchange Server service and mailbox mailbox as the default delivery location.
3-Ensure that you are connected to your local area network when you try to synchronize
4-Try to synchronize the folder manually. To do so, you can select the desired folder, click Tools menu, Synchronize and then click 'This Folder' or 'All Folders' to synchronize.
5-If performing the above steps deduces that all folders can synchronize except the Inbox folder, it indicates that the offline folder is damaged. A damaged offline folder cannot convert into .pst file. Use an effective OST Repair Tool to convert the inaccessible .ost file to usable .pst file. These tools prove competent to Convert OST File to a .pst file so that it can be successfully used with Microsoft Outlook.

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