Outlook Pst Repair - Outlook 2007 Freezes on Clicking Calendar

Published: 08th December 2009
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Pst Repair - Calendar and scheduling is an important Outlook component that comes fully integrated with Outlook emails, contacts and its other features. The Calendar allows you to perform various event and appointment related tasks. Outlook 2007 is available with many calendar improvements, which include enhanced view, sending option with calendar snapshots and more. Despite these facts, data security is still a major concern in Outlook 2007. A corruption is Outlook data file (.pst) file can lead to inaccessibility of Outlook calendars. To regain their access, you will need to repair the corrupted PST using Outlook Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe). But if this fails, you should restore them from an appropriate backup or repair the affected PST with a third-party PST Repair Tool.

For example, consider a situation when you compact your PST. After this, when you click to view the Calendar, one or more of the below symptoms are observed:

1-Outlook stops responding.

2-The Task Manager shows CPU usage to 100%.

3-The Application tab of Task Manager shows Outlook with more than one entries, each with 'Not Responding' status.

4-You need to exit the application using hard close through Windows Task Manager.


The PST might be corrupted due to compaction. A damaged PST can cause several issues for its objects.


The below fixes can help you recovering from the described problem:

1-You can try to create a new PST and import your contacts in it

2-If the above measure fails, you should repair the corrupted PST. For this, open Scanpst.exe (which is a hidden file, so enable the view of hidden files and folders) and launch Inbox Repair Tool. Type in the affected PST file path and name to start repair.

3-If Inbox Repair Tool doesn't work as expected, you should delete the damaged PST provided a good backup is available

4-When you don't have access to a suitable backup, you need to repair the corrupted PST by a PST Repair application. Built with powerful and safe file repair technology, PST Repair Tool enable comprehensive .pst file repair.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is an advanced and reliable mail recovery tool with intensive scanning algorithms to repair a corrupted PST. The non-destructive PST Repair software supports Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. Th infalible solution can recover all emails, noted, calendars, contacts etc. The software previews the Outlook objects in a 3-view format

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