Pst password Recovery - How to Recover Lost PST Password for Outlook 2007?

Published: 29th December 2009
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Microsoft Outlook 2007 is generally used to store important information, which can be confidential too. For this reason alone, many users who share their computer systems with others need to protect from e-mail intrusion. MS Outlook 2007 facilitates to protect your personal Outlook data file from undesired invasion through password protection. For this, you can go to your data file settings and specify the desired password. The next time, Outlook will not let you to open the PST unless you provide the correct password. But this configuration can turn into critical data loss problem if you forget or lose this password. Such situations raise unavoidable situations of restoring from backup or using a PST Password Recovery solution.

Suppose you set a password on PST created with Outlook 2007. After this, you don't access it for a considerable long time. Now, you try to open Outlook 2007 with the same password-protected PST, but cannot do so as you have forgotten the password. Consequently, you cannot access the e-mails that are stored in the file.


MS Outlook 2007 cannot open a password-protected PST until you don't provide the matching password.


You can try any of these solutions to solve the given problem:

1-Try to recollect the lost or missing password for your PST of Outlook 2007
2-Delete the password-protected PST and restore from a backup
3-Use a Outlook Password Recovery utility that can recover the lost or forgotten password for Outlook PST

Note: You can select 'Save this password in your password list' option at the time of creating password to prevent this situation. It is highly recommended to select it only if Windows user account is password-protected.

A PST Password Recovery utility can retrieve you lost PST passwords with no hassle. These products are easy to install and provide a simple interface to work with. Generally, they provide a number of passwords that can be directly used to open the password-protected PST. These utilities are available with various end-user features.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Password Recovery v1.1 is a feature-rich application that recovers and restores lost or missing PST passwords with safe procedures. The powerful Outlook Password Recovery tool supports Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. The tool generates a list (precisely six) of PST-usable passwords that can be further copied to any text-editor or word-processor file.

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