Pst password Recovery - Tips to Solve 'Failed importing...' Error with pst19upg.exe

Published: 09th December 2009
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Microsoft provides a utility called 'pst19upg.exe' that allows you to upgrade your PST of older version to that of later version. As one of the side effects of file conversion, the tool can remove password from a password-protected PST file. Thus, if you forget or lose the PST password, you can simply upgrade the file. But the tool works in limited number of cases. While upgrade, it first converts the .pst file into a .psx file and later converts it into password-free and upgraded PST. At times, you may observe that the tool may fail to convert it back to original PST format. Thus, it is always recommended to apply this utility on a copy of original PST. To recover the lost PST password, you can alternatively use infalible PST Password Recovery solutions.

As an instance, you might consider a situation when you lose or forget password for your PST file. Consequently, you cannot open the file and access the data stored in. You try to use pst19upg.exe utility through command prompt. It successfully converts the file into .psx file when you use -x parameter. But when you run it using -i parameter to convert it back to a PST file, it fails with an error as below:

Failed importing PROPERTY 36E41102 (scode: 80040600)

Failed importing PROPERTY LIST

Failed importing FOLDER 0x00000122

Program terminated in error (80040600)


'pst19upg.exe' cannot upgrade and remove password from the target PST.


To resolve this behavior, you need to apply one of these fixes:

1-Check if a valid PST backup is available. If it is, delete the password-protected PST and restore from backup

2-If backup doesn't work or is absent, you should use commercial Password Recovery solutions for your PST. In such situations, you need to use solutions that are designed specifically to recover PST passwords.

PST Recovery Recovery tools are graphically rich tools with easy-to-install procedures. The software instruct you through simple steps of recovering lost or forgotten PST password. In addition, these are safe tools that maintain the original file indexing, structure and data. The tools provide you advanced options.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Password Recovery is a reliable password recovery utility to recover lost or forgotten PST passwords. It is a comprehensive solution that recovers PST passwords safely and instantly. The Password Recovery solution supports Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. The tool can recover PST passwords containing special characters.

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