Pst Recovery - PST Corruption If You Do Not Apply Outlook.msp Hot fix In Time

Published: 11th September 2009
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File corruption is a very common problem in most of the applications. In order to correct this issue, most of the applications include repair utilities. If the application itself experience any problem, then the application developers provide hotfixes and updates to resolve the issue. For example, Microsoft provides a hotfix to sort out crash, corruption and inconsistency issues in Microsoft Outlook. This hotfix is provided to prevent PST file corruption and requirements of PST Recovery solutions.

This hotfix sorts out the below given problems, which Outlook 2007 users face while using Microsoft Office Outlook or while starting it:

1-In Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, the data isn't consistently copied to clipboard when the Ctrl+Insert. In following situation, the Ctrl+Insert doesn't work:

-You select a message from message list to view message in Reading Pane.
-In Reading Pane, you choose text from body of message, and then attempt to copy selected text to clipboard using Ctrl+Insert key.

2-MS Outlook 2007 crashes if you run Send/Receive command. Running "Download Address Book" command may also crash the MS Outlook 2007.

3-Consider the below situation:
-You create a COM add-in for MS Outlook 2007 with the help of VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Office System) 3.0.
-You configure security mode for Microsoft Outlook 2007 using Group Policy Editor for determining which COM Add-ins are reliable.
-You use Administrative Templates to allows users to run add-in without log in prompt.
4-In roaming environment, when you synchronize MS Outlook calendar with the calendar list on Share Point site, duplicate entries are logged for Share Point calendar in Outlook 2007 calendar. When you attempt to open duplicate entries, you get below error message:
"The set of folders could not be opened"

5-If you remove a note in Small Icons view or in Large Icons view, you find that wrong icons have removed.

6-When you synchronize calender in MS Outlook 2007 to calendar list on Share Point site. If you create a recurring event in calendar list site that contains some some event instances, which cross time boundary. While editing an instance, you encounter below error message:
"Task "Share Point" reported error (0x80004005): starting on , at 12.00 AM (server time) was not copied because Outlook does not support multiple occurrences of a recurring appointment on the same day."

7-In Microsoft Outlook 2007, when you search a contact in Address Book by name, the "Choose Contact" dialog box appears so that you could choose which contact to open.

8-Consider below scenario in MS Outlook 2007 client, which is connected to Exchange 2003 Server mailbox, you attempt to create meeting request and alter the Scheduling Assistant. An attendee is added whose mailbox is attached to another Exchange 2003 Server mailbox. If Free/Busy details for attendee are shown in scheduled meeting, you close meeting request.
In this case, MS Outlook connects to attendee's mailbox to pull Free/Busy details. Furthermore, connection to that server would remain until you close MS Outlook 2007.

9-After deleting additional mailboxes, a stub of one of deleted mailboxes is left in folder tree. If you click that stub, you get below error message:
"Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook cannot access the specified folder location. The requested information store could not be found in the active profile."

All these scenarios are very common in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and cause critical situations of PST corruption if you do not apply the hotfix in time. In case of PST corruption, data loss situations occur. To retrieve data in these cases, PST Repair is required.

To repair and restore a damaged Outlook PST file, Microsoft Outlook includes an inbuilt repair tool, known as Scanpst.exe. This utility is helpful in a number of PST corruption situations, but can not perform PST Recovery if corruption is caused by external reasons such as virus infection.

In such situations, third party PST Repair software help you to effectively scan the damaged PST file and retrieve all of its objects. These applications are completely safe and easy to use. They are helpful in most of the PST corruption scenarios.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is the most popular and efficient tool to ensure absolute recovery in the majority of PST corruption situations. It supports recovery from Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 and NT (SP6).

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