Resolving Access Denied Error Configuring PST as Delivery Location

Published: 11th March 2010
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Microsoft Outlook PST archiving is the best practice to keep PST small, manageable, and away from any corruption risks. The AutoArchive simplifies this process by letting users to archive old PST items automatically, based on some pre-specified settings. But in some cases, users observe that the feature do not work, irrespective of correct settings. Amongst other reasons, one reason for this behavior can be corruption of archive.pst that needs Outlook PST Repair solutions to deal with.

For better understanding of the issue, consider an instance when the AutoArchive feature is enabled for your Outlook PST. You realize that PST file size starts growing. On further analysis, you notice that AutoArchive function has stopped working. As a result, old PST objects (as per the settings) are not being archived, adding to the total size of original PST.


Following is the list of basic causes of above behavior:

1)If the problem is specific to only few of PST items, it could be because they have been set to exclude from being AutoArchived.

2)The archive.pst file is full. PST file limit that is encoded to ANSI format is 2 GB, while that for Unicode formatted PST is 20GB.

3)The mailbox has reached to the maximum size set by mail administrator.

4)Some of PST items cannot be AutoArchivd if their modified dates change and become newer than archiving date. This can occur due to actions, like replying, forwarding, editing, importing, and moving the email, and also by scanning the item using an antivirus software or synchronization utility.

5)Archive.pst is corrupted. AutoArchive cannot work for a corrupted PST.


Corresponding solutions are as given below:

1)Open the problem PST item, click File | Properties and then uncheck 'Do not AutoArchive this item' option.

2)Clean the full archive.pst file or create a new archive to move the file items.

3)Clean the full mailbox or contact your administrator to increase its limit.

4)Change the modified date of problem item(s) .

5)Repair and perform PST Recovery of corrupted archive.pst using Outlook Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe). Use a third-party Repair Pst File utility if Scanpst fails.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is a reliable tool to repair corrupted PST created with MS Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. This PST Recovery utility runs safe scanning algorithms that don't harm the original integrity of file. With an Outlook-resembling interface, the tool can also recover deleted PST items.

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