Split Pst File - Unknown Error in Messaging Interface of Outlook

Published: 09th December 2009
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A large sized PST can introduce several performance issues for Outlook. Also, such files are more prone to corruption due to their file size limitation. Microsoft Outlook exhibits unusual behavior and momentarily stops responding while typical mail operations when its PST grows large in size . Thus, to reduce, though not totally eliminate, the impact of large PST, Outlook 2003 brings in a new data structure for these files. However, performance and operational issue still persist. To solve them, you are suggested to Split PST into several smaller .pst files.

For instance, you might receive the below error code while normal operations with Microsoft Outlook:

"The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, start Outlook again."

This error is typically encountered when you try checking for a new email message, creating or deleting a Calendar entry, deleting an item from Inbox and Contacts or sending a fax. These operations fail after you receive this error message.


The error occurs typically with a large PST file size. If the PST has crossed the built-in size limit, it may create the situations, such as described above.


You should consider applying these suggestions to isolate the given problem:

1-Microsoft Outlook includes a feature called 'Allow upgrade to large tables' that you can use to increase the limit enforced on number of messages contained in a folder and number of folders contained in a file of PST
2-Reduce the PST file size by emptying the Deleted Items folder
3-You can create a new PST file and import your messages from the original PST file
4-Use third-party PST File Splitter utilities that could split the large size .pst file into several smaller .pst files

Split PST utilities are feature-rich applications that use systematic approach to divide a large PST file. These software are quite easy to use because of the interactive design they provide. Such tools serve as suitable applications for creating smaller .pst files from a single PST. Moreover, they are safe to use and perform non-destructive operations.

Stellar Phoenix PST File Splitter is a high-end tool known for splitting a PST file into multiple .pst files. The tool uses advanced, yet safe, algorithms. It is a secure PST File Splitter that provides easy to understand view and powerful features. The tools allows splitting the file via two criteria: by e-mail ID and by date. It supports Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000.

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